What Is Mkv And How To Convert Mkv To Mp4, Avi, Wmv, Mov, Mpg, 3Gp, Ipod, Zune, Psp Etc?

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Lately, a new format MKV emerged. More and more people start to use MKV. However, lots of people don't know what the MKV is. As seldom players can read it, people may face the problem that they can't use the MKV video. This thread here is to remedy that. I will show you what the MKV is on earth, and how to convert MKV to other popular video format so that your video can be widely used.

What is MKV?

MKV, also known as Matroska, is a multimedia container format. It is not a video or audio compression format. It is an envelope for which there can be many audio, video and subtitles streams, allowing the user to store a complete movie or CD in a single file. Matrosla has incorporates features that you would expect from a modern container format like fast seeking in the file, high error recovery, chapter entries, selectable subtitle streams, selectable audio streams, modularly extendable, streamable over internet (HTTP and RTP audio & video streams), Menus (like DVD's have). MKV is similar to AVI - it is another container format. But MKV is much newer, and can contain all kinds of stuff that doesn't fit into AVI. It also has numerous features that AVI lacks. There's also the difference that windows knows how to open the AVI "box" by itself, since the format was developed by Microsoft in the first place. MKV, however, was not developed by Microsoft and windows do not handle MKV by itself.

How to convert MKV to MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, MPG, 3GP, iPod, Zune, PSP, .etc?

As seldom players support this format, we'd better convert it to popular video format such as mp4, wmv, 3gp or others when we use it. We may use Nidesoft MKV Converter to convert it to all the popular video and audio format you want, as this converter support very comprehensive video formats. After download and install this program, you only need three steps to do it:

Step 1: click add button to add your mkv video from your computer. This converter support batch conversion, so you may add several video files at one time.

Step 2: click the format list to choose your profile. Here you may choose the output format you want.

Step 3: click the convert button to start conversion. The conversion will be completed in a short time.

You could also set the video size, crop mode, video quality and audio quality for your output videos by yourself.

Ok, now you have convert your MKV files to other format files and you may use it more convenient.


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