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Royal Copenhagen recently launched a new hand painted service called blue palmette. this service was created by the product development team at the factory in glostrup, who took their starting point from asian culinary traditions. In the asian kitchen they do not dish up individual portions but place bowls and dishes in the middle of the table. these 11 pieces have carefully been selected so they fulfill all the needs of a simple and functional service, which has endless possibilities. This set is decorated with fragments from the blue fluted service. the name palmette refers to the 230 year old blue fluted decoration, palmette being a technical term for the stylized palm leaf which is hand painted on all pieces. treat yourself like european royalty and get a set of this tableware for your own use or display.

Discover the best in porcelain in a mixture of timeless and modern classics. Discover the expression of subtlety side by side with a wide array of fascinating shapes and designs of which Flora Danica, the world most prestigious dinner service, stands out as the pinnacle of craftsmanship.

The Royal Copenhagen porcelain factory was established in 1775 under the active patronage of the Danish Royal Court. Many of the first dinnerware patterns produced by the factory are still crafted and painted by hand, more than two centuries later. Royal Copenhagen represents the finest products hand-crafted in Denmark today. Tradition and innovation have been united in a blend of old and new to make Royal Copenhagen one of the world's most successful producers of fine dinnerware and collectable art.

The Blue Fluted pattern is part of Denmark's cultural heritage. To connoisseurs all over the world it is synonymous with Danish porcelain. Blue Fluted is Royal Copenhagen's very first porcelain dinner service and is a measure of the skill, tradition and craftsmanship at Royal Copenhagen.The Blue Fluted service dates from the 1770s and was one of the first patterns to be used when the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Manufactory was founded in 1775. Please purchase on online

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