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Royal Copenhagen was founded in 1775, and its products have been made ever since with deep respect for tradition and high standards of craftsmanship. Today, Royal Copenhagen is world-famous brand known for its exclusive, high quality products and immaculate design and craftsmanship. Royal Copenhagen has operations in the USA, the EU and Asia, and employs more than 500 people.

The unique Royal Copenhagen brand is held in deep respect by customers, artists, designers and employees alike. Royal Copenhagen is known worldwide for being Danish, and it is famous for maintaining and renewing the traditions of classic, hand-made, hand-painted porcelain in blue and white.

Blue Fluted Full Lace is a porcelain coffee, tea and dinner service that includes many gift articles. Blue Fluted Full Lace is one of the most prestigious services in the world. The service was designed in the 1770's, and about 100 years later it was re-designed by Arnold Krog, the Artistic Manager of the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Manufactory.

All pieces are framed by a perforated lace border. All lids are topped with a snail's shell. Many Craftspeople are involved in the production of this service. All laces on the rim are perforated by hand and represent the best in modeling. The Blue Fluted pattern is the epitome of fine porcelain and it has been given this name because the surface is fluted like a mussel shell. Since its introduction, the Blue Fluted pattern has been painted freehand by specially trained painters at the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Manufactory. It takes 1,197 brush strokes to paint one Blue Fluted plate. The central flower of the Blue Fluted pattern is a chrysanthemum. Please purchase on online

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