Pretty Wedding Champagne Flutes

One of the most honored and valued traditions at your wedding will be the toast that your guests give to your health and happiness in your new life with your spouse. This is a very symbolic start to a wonderful life together and you should pick out some great wedding champagne flutes that represent your personalities, your bond together, and the things you want to always remember during the rest of your life. You can pick flutes that show off your decorative abilities and that will really impress your guests when they see them displayed at the head table. Champagne flutes can be a wonderfully elegant addition to any decorations that you have picked out. Try using some of these great items that you can buy very easily online at discounted prices

Open Loop Heart Flutes:

These champagne flutes are exquisite in their simplicity of the frosted glass top and the silver stem of the flute. Each flute can be personalized with the initials of the couple to make them even more memorable and symbolic of your bond. In the transition area between the stem and the glass there is a silver heart flourish that adds an air of romance and passion to the flutes to remind you of what it's all about and to add some deeper meaning to the toast and drinking of the champagne.

Crystal Ring Flutes:

These flutes are very stunning and sophisticated. The shining glass stem offers a wonderful contrast to the clear glass at the top. Between the stem and the glass is a ring of rhinestone crystals to add that extra touch of beauty and decorative flexibility. These can definitely be given as gifts to the parents of the bride and groom or from anyone to the new couple to commemorate this bonding experience between the whole of the family, friends, and loved ones.

Diamond Ring Champagne Flutes:

These flutes are made of purely crystalline glass so that they capture the light and give off a luminescent shimmer. These glasses can also be personalized with names and dates. The center between the glass and the stem is embellished with a diamond engagement ring shape. If you want to represent your bond fully and completely, it is quintessential that you use these beautiful champagne flutes to impress your guest and add levels of meaning to your good luck toast.

Dove and Bell Flutes:

Flutes always remind us of celebration, laughter and happiness. These also describe a momentous occasion - a wedding! Celebrate your wedding with your loved ones with our cheerful Dove & Bell Flutes.

Standing 8 3/4" tall, these classic flutes are imprinted with a wonderful design and text. A set of two, one flute reads 'bride' and the other 'groom' in cursive calligraphy. The Dove & Bell Flutes also have a design of doves and bells in white, imprinted above the writing.

With a capacity of 6 oz, the Dove & Bell Flutes are elegant and cheerful. These are bound to make the happy couple feel super special on their wonderful day!

When choosing wedding toasting flutes for your reception, if you go with a flute that reflects your personal style, it will add that much more character to your special day.

By: Joe Palladino

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