How Does Your Web Site Give Value?

Everybody's trying to sell with all the places to buy from, why should anybody buy from you?

If you try to compete on price, someone else will always undercut you and eventually your profits will dwindle to nothing. Many people claim to give better service, but you can't actually tell this before your order.

So how can your web site give more value than your competitors? Here is a personal example from my own experience.

My wife and I collect (and play) Native American style flutes. These are not available in our local area, so we have to buy them online. We have visited a large number of web sites that carry Native American style flutes. Some of these web sites give extra value by:

1. Offering sound samples of each flute. Some play the same song on different flutes so we can choose the tone we are looking for. (engages us from an auditory perspective)

2. Providing multiple, good quality pictures of the flutes so we can better "bond" with the flute we want. (engages us visually)

3. Offering training DVDs, CDs, or print materials to help us get the most out of our purchase.

4. Recounting testimonials from people who have purchased the flutes.

5. Providing a list of professional musicians who use the flutes along with links to their CDs and music samples.

Even some flute sellers on eBay thoughtfully offer samples and other value items above in every listing.

We are much more likely to purchase Native American flutes from web sites that offer this kind of great value rather than sites that offer a single picture, bare description, and a "buy now" button.

With my own advertising system, the Free Traffic Bar, I provide members with a toolbar advertising system that gives them advertising credits while they do the same browsing they do everyday. To add even more value to the system, I also offer:

1. Free training twice per month on how to advertise more effectively online.

2. Hours of free audio training on a range of Internet marketing topics.

3. A free discussion forum where people can get help and share ideas with other members.

4. A number of free Internet marketing tools and software.

5. Lots of helpful Internet marketing articles.

6. Results of Internet marketing programs I test.

So how will you add more value to your web site? Here are some general ideas you should be able to adapt to your own site.

1. Free samples and demos.

2. Training materials, articles and "how-to's."

3. Real life examples of how people are using your products.

4. Enough information for buyers to make an informed decision.

5. Graphics, video and audio to engage the senses.

The value you give to your customers is an important part of your ongoing online success. So make sure the value you offer is communicated strongly with your web site.

By: Garland Coulson

About the Author:
Garland Coulson is an acclaimed Internet marketing speaker, author and coach
and the creator of the Free Traffic Bar
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