Finding Wedding Accessories to Preserve Memories

Finding Wedding Accessories to Preserve Memories

Just as your outfits need to be accessorized, a wedding requires the proper wedding accessories to complete the ensemble of that special day. There are many lovely wedding accessories to choose from; whether it is the topper for the cake or the pillow to hold the rings during the ceremony. However, the wedding accessories that are guaranteed to become the most memorable are those that preserve the memories of the day. We have a few wedding accessory ideas that will allow your celebration to live on in special items that will become keepsakes of your celebration.

The Guestbook

Most couples don't spend an exorbitant amount of time selecting the guestbook; in fact, it may be one of the last items purchased – an afterthought for some even. However, that guestbook will record the names of every person who witnesses your union, and is sure to become a treasured keepsake for years to come. You can find guestbooks that will coordinate with the rest of your wedding décor in terms of color and theme. In some cases, couples will choose a wedding set that might include a guestbook, pen, ring bearer pillow, flower girl basket and garter all in coordinating colors to match your wedding scheme.

Disposable Cameras

While the photographer is busy shooting photos of the happy couple, your guests can be busy capturing other memories from your special day. These pictures may be funny or precious, but they are sure to become treasured keepsakes. Make sure your wedding accessories include disposable cameras at all the reception tables to allow guests to create their own scrapbook material for your special day. These cameras can also be purchased in an array of colors and styles to coordinate beautifully with your wedding décor.

Toasting Flutes

That special toast given by the best man or the father of the bride will always be remembered with beautiful crystal flutes that the couple can treasure forever. Many couples use these flutes to toast each anniversary or other special events, making these wedding accessories as functional as they are special. If you want to coordinate the flutes to the rest of your reception table, you can choose flutes with a specific theme or simply tie matching ribbons to the stems that can be removed after the wedding day.

Cocktail Napkins

Most couples will choose to provide cocktail napkins with their names and the date of the wedding printed on them. These printed napkins are wedding accessories that also become a nice keepsake, whether you choose to frame the napkin with a photo or other keepsakes or simply place the napkin in a wedding book. Couples can also save printed matchbooks or coasters as keepsakes of their special day.

Wedding accessories aren't just about celebrating the special day; they are about preserving the memories of that day with items that can be treasured forever. Keep the timelessness of these accessories in mind when shopping for your wedding accessories and you are sure to end up with keepsakes that will last a lifetime.

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