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Cool summer time - during my terrifying moment of panic disorder, I found rest and healing in the spiritual science of meditation. As I craved to go beyond bodily form, and into spiritual realm of consciousness, I discovered the possibilities of bizarre out of body travels.

I consulted few authentic books of out of body projection, and learnt form experienced out of body travellers to ensure it is safe and harmless. I was scared at the beginning, but only after experiencing hundreds of sessions of different types of meditation, was I ready for out of body travel.

This was something I never believed in, being a philosophy graduate, I needed justification, but then I realised there are things that cannot be explained, and can only be experienced, and if they are going to be explained, it will take time to prove scientifically that out of body travels can be proven. I realised that my intellectual bigotry arrested and hijacked both my emotional intelligence, and my spirituality.

Read what happen to me during an amazing out of body experience.

I went away for a weekend retreat at the monastery called buck-fast abbey in Devon. It was spring time. I was warmly welcomed by the monks, showed me the way to my bedroom, and was given a little tour around the abbey, as well as a brief instruction that I was given to be aware of their timetable for prayers, breakfast, launch, afternoon tea, and supper. The first day, I wanted to deepen my meditation; I drifted into hours of meditation, both sitting and walking meditation.

OUTSIDE: The yellow gold sun, and it' oscillating light, the earth dressed with green pasture, rivers, ponds, meadows, mother nature landscaped, spreading animal farms and sublime colours shone from below and above, at night the moon glittered with silver light, skies filled with clusters of stars. These four nature's beauty reflects a divine design of an artist background tapestry in which "Outer World" life on earth is the bride.

INSIDE: My conscious self and soul self in discord, my mind, feelings, my body, my soul reflect my own imperfect design at the time of my beginning meditation, in which my '' inner world'' become a divided piece of puzzle seeking union with the divine designer. As my meditation deepened, the pieces of my own design begun to converge, thought and feelings, body and soul reunites with the bride, sun and moon, landscape and stars.

I hear a sound of serene music, far and beyond this world, the flute of a master, and the sweet harp of the angels. Over sudden, I hear a sound of a river boat, as it gently touch the very shoreline, as I climbed with a feeling of reassurance, I knew I had the right to a trip toward a very special island in the middle of the lake.

The sound of sweet flute and harp amplified the lake. As I stepped out of the boat, the strong rainbow colours of mist over the small island begins to thin; mystic music of the flute and harp raised my awareness of the clear silver blue sky so clear, though the small island is shrouded in thin rainbow coloured mist. What a beautiful island… what a perfect emerald gem…..tall glowing palm leaves; crystal clear spring waters cascading over… dark…deep covered rocks. The sound of the flute blessed existence as a whole, and the music of the harp gathered the smell of musk, daffodils, eucalyptus and lavender of angelic presence…. Butterflies glittering with vivid colours; fleeting around, below and above the entire sacred island.

I felt such a deep sense of peace, nourishment and nurture… I was so safe once and for all. As I looked over head, at the great expense of the blue sky directly over head…..I saw a light …shimmering oscillating light from the heavens above me… the sound of sweet flute continued, and the harp mystic sound appear to come from above, from the shimmering light, far above in the blue high sky. As I watched with reverence, the light shone stronger, intensely bright as it expanded over the island in the middle of the lake. The light begun to descend toward me, as it gently descend very slowly, down, and down… as the sound of both flute and harp continued playing its hypnotic music.

I suddenly became aware of a very round orb, a round sphere, oscillating with trillions of rainbow colours of light, shimmering sparkling sphere of light….falling in slow motion toward me, down… down… down…this huge sphere, huge orb of coloured light.. it is so beautiful…the surface seems to shimmer and sparkle… sparkling rainbow colours fleeting and moving across its surface. I felt such a sense of awe, wonderment, and joy filling me… for I realised inside this orb… is my angel… flute and harp harmonized the entire experience,

I sat down in yogi position on the green meadow pasture as a baby looking and feeling ever so joyous of this angelic presence, pulsing with radiant energy, colours, and warm breeze, landed right before me, right before my own eyes, it's now in front of me…. … … the way of a flower opens to the morning sun… the top of the orb begins to open… … like a great clusters of oscillating particles of silver blue, pink and white colours… opening fully, and within a centre is… my angel… my Holy God, I for the first time of my existence, felt an infinite love… an infinite compassion… radiant from this light, this angel,

As the mystic soft music of the flute and harp played along, the voice of the angel spoke with same sound of both flute and harp, ever so gently, saying.. I am you dear one. Me? I murmured with awe and reverence. Yes dear one, I am you… your yearned for my presence for long time, your thoughts manifested me by your earnest desire to find your real self. I am thee… you have travelled a long way… and I shall manifest your dreams according to your earnest desire, thoughts, beliefs, faith, and action, said the angel. Continue in your spiritual path, live your dreams, and remember that I am thee, I am a whisper away from thee.

I wake up, and returned to my physical world astonished at the spiritual revelation as I returned home from the retreat house feeling totally transformed.

Strange, bizarre, real, imagined, whatever a sceptic says, the experience will always remain subjective, and mine. The only way to discover it is to experience it. smile

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