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The flute is probably the oldest type of instrument that has ever been played by humanity. Archeologists have found bone flutes dating back 50,000 years in some cases, so it is easy to say that the flute is an instrument that was influential in the development of mankind's musical ability.

In our present century, it is one of the most popular types of instruments, and for many budding musical geniuses, it is the first instrument they learn to play. Of course, the flute is not all that expensive, and for that reason, many parents are able to afford to buy one for their child. However, that being said, wouldn't it make more sense to buy a flute for your child after they have proven themselves to be interested enough in the flute to warrant buying a newer one?

This is often the case, so many parents will 'test the waters' to see if their kids will continue to be interested in the flute in a few months time by simply buying a used flute. A used flute is a bit less expensive than a new flute, but it accomplishes the same task; making music.

If you think that some of the priceless types of flutes in existence right now are 50,000 years old and made of bone, buying a used flute for $15 doesn't seem like that big of a deal. So, when you go out to buy a used flute, where do you go? Before you go online, always check your local area to find out if there are cheap flutes that can be easily bought. At pawn shops, you will probably find used flutes in the price range of ten dollars to thirty dollars, meaning you are going to save a lot of money, and if your child stops playing the flute, you will not be out that much money at all.

This is a big difference when you are talking about how much you can save over the course of your child's musical life when you buy used musical instruments instead of new musical instruments. There is no reason why you should think that used instruments are not as good as new instruments, because they are just as good. In fact, they are better because they are much cheaper than the other types of instruments.

Buying a used flute will allow your child to use their musical talents on a very easy type of instrument to learn. As well, buying a used flute means you will not be paying to much for something that your child may not keep using in the future.

Used flutes are a dime a dozen and there is no better way to test if your child is interested in learning how to play instruments than with a flute. If they are willing to make the commitment to practicing the flute on a regular basis, then they are capable of making the commitment to other types of instruments, like guitars and pianos. Find the used flute that is right for you and nurture your child's gift.

By: Victor Epand

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