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Manufactured since 1775, Royal Copenhagen porcelain embodies a deep respect for tradition and craftsmanship. The process of creating these masterpieces entails much more than meets the eye. While the patterns may look simple, the decoration of a single plate from the Blue Fluted dinner service, for example, requires 1,197 brush strokes. Today Royal Copenhagen continues to preserve this history of craftsmanship.

The Blue Flower motif consists of one or two large and some small flowers. The main flower might be a tulip, rose, poppy, carnation, convolvulus, or marguerite. The smaller ones are usually cinquefoil bluebell or primula together with leaves and buds. In Blue Flower braided, or osier as it was originally called, the flowers are framed by a relief border in basket weave and the lids are topped with large tulip buds. Beutiful, collectible holiday plates from Royal Copenhagen.

One of the last luxury services still in existence from the 18th century is perhaps the world's most prestigious dinner service in production today. Flora Danica is reputed to be one of the most original and inspired products of the European art industry from the golden age of porcelain. A collection of sculptural and innovative designs. These individual utensils for the kitchen and table are created around a common idea, to unite form & function. Beutiful, collectible holiday plates from Royal Copenhagen. Please purchase on online

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